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TV Judge Glenda Hatchett and son fight for lives of new Black mothers

Twelve hours after delivering her son Kira Johnson, 39, died from complications of what should have been a routine, scheduled C-section. The hospital, one of the best in the country, let her die from neglect.


Surgeon's kind gesture proves 'why Black doctors are important,' patient says

India Marshall described the "emotional moment" she realized her doctor had braided her hair before her surgery to make her recovery easier.

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Racial disparities seen in how doctors treat pain, even among children

As many doctors, nurses, and other health workers have joined protests against systemic racism, research has shown that racial bias is pervasive in health care, perhaps most apparent in the assessment and treatment of pain.

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Black women need to seek therapy to deal with long-standing trauma, psychologist says

At a seminar focusing on the mental health of Black women a Baltimore psychologist says flatly, that emotional trauma needs to be treated immediately before worse damage sets in

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